Sharon Lopes


SHARON LOPES, Born in 1971 in Goa and grew up in India.
Lives in Basel, Switzerland.

I am often asked about my choice of color palette. I think my instinctive color leanings come from a rich Indian cultural milieu. My primary markings are always very graphical in nature, so I cannot discount that my formal training in art and years of experience working in visual communications and graphic design are reflected in the way I work.

The world around us is teeming with life; the cities buzz and even the most serene landscape is so alive. I like to give a cheeky lift to even the most neutral landscapes or cityscapes with rich pigments. This is my approach towards enlivening the canvas and enabling an insight into the deep character of a place in one moment in time.

Walking about the city and walking the numerous trails that lead into the countryside help in reading the pulse and interpreting the most flattering mood the city/countryside reveals throughout the year. With each painting I try to capture the ethos of Basel/Switzerland a little more, reinforcing my joy of experiencing it in yet another way.

Recent experimentations with fluid acrylics, solutions (varnish and mediums) along with dry pastel showcase a lighter, more playful palette. The move into a more spontaneous expression is visible in newer paintings.

Switching between genres of painting styles is how I like to stir the pot of creativity, it helps to switch off, step back and look at the work once more with objectivity.

To sum up, every artist that is unafraid to experiment and have open discourse, learns new things and adds revolutionary change to his/her expression of Art.


  • Goa College of Fine Art, Bachelor of Fine Art(Applied Art) (1988 -1993)
  • Following university, a successful career in Advertising.
  • Starting at DDB Mudra Group formerly Mudra Communications in Mumbai
  • Then setting up a design and advertising studio
    (Art and Soul Communications) in Goa, India (1995 until August 2015)
  • Since moving to Basel in 2015 with my family,
    I have revisited my early training in art and paint full-time.

I believe that cross cultural artistic dialog is integral to growth and have been actively widening my horizons attending the Experimentelle Prozesse at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule Basel.

2016 International Festival, Reinach, Basel
2017 Community Art Exhibition, ISB Reinach, Basel
2019 Kunstpart, Spalenberg, Basel
2019 Under and Over, Reinach Dorf, Basel
2019 Arte Binningen, Basel

Held in private collections in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Milan